national laws

Fisheries Administrative Order (FAO) No. 185 Series of 1992:
Ban on the taking or catching, selling, purchasing, possessing, transporting and exporting of dolphins.

Fisheries Administrative Order (FAO) no. 185-1, Series of 1997:
Amending FAO 185 by adding Whales and Porpoises.

RA 8550 (Fisheries Code of 1998):
Provides for the development, management and conservation of the fisheries and aquatic resources

FAO 208 Series of 2001:
Conservation of rare, threatened, and endangered fisheries/aquatic species

Republic Act No. 9147, July 30, 2001: ‘Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act’
Provides for the conservation and protection of wildlife resources and their habitats, appropriating funds thereof and for other purposes.

DOT and DA Joint Administrative Order No. 1:
Guidelines to Govern the Conduct of People Interaction with Cetaceans.

Provincial Ordinance No. 09-2003:
Ordinance Declaring the Humpback Whales as Protected Species Within the Territorial Jurisdiction in the Province of Cagayan and Providing Penalties for the Violation thereof.