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Do you have old children’s story books, reference books and other educational materials you would like to donate? We accept in-kind donations of reading materials as well as school supplies such as pencils and notebooks for the youth of Camiguin Island elementary and highschools.

We also accept in-kind donation of general reference books and educational videos or films for our Bohol Marine Education Center in Jagna, Bohol.

Monetary donations and construction materials (i.e. paint, old tires, buoys) for making marine sanctuary markers and signboards are also accepted.

Your monetary donations could also help sponsor Camiguin Island scholars. Since 2011, BALYENA.ORG has been sponsoring selected high school and college scholars from Camiguin Island. These promising young students become ambassadors of conservation of their island home in the Babuyan Islands.

To make a donation please contact us at info@balyena.org.ph.


Camiguin Norte Scholarship Fund

The Camiguin Norte Scholarship Fund is a benefit program of BALYENA.ORG that supports the college education of underprivileged but qualified young people of the Babuyan Islands, Cagayan Province. Most students of these Islands cannot afford to go to college because of financial constraints such as high tuition, travel and living expenses in mainland towns where universities are located.

Beginning in 2012, BALYENA.ORG initiated providing financial assistance for the college education of two local girls from Camiguin Norte. This was made possible by the generosity of our Humpback Whale Research and Conservation Project volunteers and through the donations collected from friends of BALYENA.ORG. To date, this scholarship fund has supported 6 students from Camiguin Norte. This scholarship opportunity provides invaluable support to these young peoples’ tertiary education and will make a difference in their lives.

To donate, please email us at info@balyena.org or PM us on our Facebook page. Any amount will be welcomed. We will send you more details about the scholars you are supporting together with an acknowledgement letter for your donation. We will also acknowledge your donation on our website and will have a letter of appreciation written by the scholars. If however, you prefer to remain anonymous, please let us know.

Marine sanctuary markers.

Teaching kids about marine life at the Marine Education Centre in Bohol.

Camiguin college scholars (2014)