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funders & partners

Balyena.org is dependent on the generous support of many institutions and contributors. We are extremely grateful for the financial and material support from the following organizations and companies. We are also thankful for the partnerships extended by several groups, organizations and agencies. Our collaborations with them have made it possible for us to work in many areas around the country.


The Rufford Small Grants Foundation
The Rufford Small Grants Foundation is a charity established specifically for the development of Rufford Small Grants for Nature Conservation (RSGs). See more…

The Ocean Fund
The Ocean Fund – Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., which operates Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises and Azamara Cruises established the Ocean Fund in 1996 to support marine conservation organizations in safeguarding the health of the world’s oceans. See more…

Duke Center for Marine Conservation and Oak Foundation
The Duke Center for Marine Conservation is an interdisciplinary consortium within the Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Science focusing on research, education, and outreach in marine conservation. See more…

Oak Foundation
Facilitated by the Duke University Marine Lab, the Oak Foundation Mini-Grants in Marine Conservation are small grants used to develop small-scale research, demonstration or environmental education programs in the home countries of Global Fellows Alumni.

Volunteers at the Bohol Dolphin Festival 2011

The LA.MA.VE team


Center for Rural Empowerment & the Environment is a livelihoods focused non-profit organization that seeks practical solutions to bridging the gap between sustainable development and environmental conservation. See more…

ISLA Biodiversity Conservation, Inc. was established by a group of scientists and conservationists in 2005 to fill gaps in conservation work in small islands and to help broaden the base of people serving to conserve biodiversity in the Philippines. See more…

Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines is a non-profit, non-stock organization that aims to develop a better appreciation of the marine environment, its ecological processes and how it affects all of us through information dissemination, education, campaigns, training, research, and other related activities. See more…

Visit the DA-BFAR website here.

Department of Agriculture – National Fisheries Research and Development Institute was created under the Philippine Fisheries Code of 1998. Its vision is to establish an effective, relevant and responsive Philippine fisheries research and development institution towards an industry that is sustainable and globally competitive. See more…

Tropical Marine Research Center for Conservation, a small research and conservation outfit founded in 2005, conceived to help promote research and conservation of marine mammals and their habitats in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philippines. See more…

WWF-Philippines’ conservation program places strong marine emphasis in the conservation of species and habitats and utilizes highly integrative and participatory approaches to find solutions that work for the environment and for the people that live in and depend on it. See more…

Conservation Sew Mates
Conservation Sew Mates was inspired by, and established with the aim to support wildlife conservation efforts. As a livelihood supplement project, Sew Mates workshops were organized to teach fishermen community to make and sell the toys to tourists. Visit their Facebook page.

AQUASEARCH and Groupe Phocéen d'Étude des Requins
We are collaborating with AQUASEARCH and Groupe Phocéen d'Étude des Requins in a “Cookie-cutter Shark Bite Project”. We are documenting cookie-cutter shark bites on cetaceans and mobulids.

We are collaborating with Marine Megafauna Foundation on their Marine Microplastics Project.