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what we do

We promote scientific research and conservation of cetaceans in the Philippines using methods adapted to the local situation and setting. We recognize the value of local ecological knowledge and importance of local community participation.

We conduct studies on known cetacean populations in different regions of the Philippines and investigate new sites where sightings have been reported.

We encourage both local and foreign supporters to participate in the research, conservation, education and advocacy work. We share stories on the amazing efforts that have been put in discovering, understanding, protecting and conserving cetaceans in the Philippines, raising awareness on current issues, news and laws relevant to cetaceans and their habitats in our country.

We share information on cetaceans by conducting education campaigns in various provinces of the country to a wide array of audiences. We foster awareness to those that care for cetaceans and local communities they co-exist with in the Philippines. We promote the protection of the habitats and ecosystems they live in.

We act on situations and issues that may affect or threaten cetacean populations in the Philippines.

For a list of reports and publication on marine mammals in the Philippines, click HERE.

Volunteers on a cetacean research survey in the Babuyan Islands

Spotted dolphins off Camiguin Norte

Educational outreach in highschools in Calayan Island