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We work with communities, local government units and government agencies in finding ways to mitigate threats to cetaceans and their environment and protect the entire marine ecosystem while taking into consideration the livelihood of the people. Our current focus is on sustainable fishing, marine protected area establishment and monitoring, and community-based ecotourism development, particularly on the development and conduct of proper whale and dolphin watching.

We organize and conduct workshops and meetings in collaboration with our local partners. We also assist in the drafting of policies or ordinances by providing scientific data and recommendations for strategies and actions.

Environmental Law Enforcement Training
Part of our efforts to conserve the Babuyan Islands Marine Corridor, we have conducted a series of environmental law enforcement trainings in Camiguin Island. These trainings targeted the local law enforcers and other relevant stakeholders of Barangay Balatubat, Naguilian and Minabel on Camiguin Island. The aim was to increase the knowledge of local law enforcers on the various environmental laws in the Philippines, in particular those that are relevant to current issues in their locality. It also aimed to enhance their capacity in enforcing these environmental laws to enable them to protect better their environment. Members of the Bantay Dagat, Coast Guard, Philippine National Police, Barangay Police and the fisherfolk association participated in the trainings.

Supplemental Livelihood Training
Inspired by the amazing marine wildlife in the Philippines, the founder of Conservation Sew Mates led several sewing workshops in Camiguin Norte in the Babuyan Islands and Pamilacan Island in Bohol. Together with our volunteers almost one hundred local women were trained in sewing mini-plush toys shaped as dolphins and humpback whales. We co-sponsored these trainings to initiate a livelihood supplement project for the women in the communities. Participation in the trainings was free. We purchase these toys from the women and sell them outside of their locality to raise funds for our research work. This aimed at empowering the local women as entrepreneurs and helped them earn a little extra income while promoting the conservation of marine wildlife.

Consultation of local communities in Camiguin.

Conducting a seminar on environmental laws for Camiguin Norte residents.

A fisherman with his catch, Sta. Ana, Cagayan.

Protecting coral reefs through establishment of marine sanctuaries.