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These are paying volunteer positions wherein your contributions go directly to fund the research which you will take part in.

Every summer from March until May we invite people to volunteer to take part in our surveys. If you are interested in experiencing being part of a cetacean research team and see whales and dolphins in the wild while helping in the efforts to understand, protect and conserve them and their habitats, click below to see more details on available volunteer opportunities.

We have other project activities throughout the year that volunteers can take part in. Please click on one of the links below for available opportunities.

For further enquiries or to apply, please email us or fill out the enquiry form.

Humpback whale survey in the Babuyan Islands

This is a good opportunity to help in the research and conservation of humpback whales and other cetaceans in the Philippines while learning about them. This annual monitoring of the whales is very important in understanding the status of the species and the marine ecosystem of the Babuyan Islands. The data collecte each season is crucial in completing a longterm study of the humpback whales breeding and calving in the Philippines. You will learn and apply new skills and get a chance to meet new friends from different backgrounds and cultures. You will also get the chance to visit a gorgeous island in the northern Philippines and experience all its biodiversity!

To learn more about the Project, click HERE.

Cetacean survey in the Bohol Sea

There are 18 species of cetaceans known to occur in the Bohol Sea, including the blue whale. In 2015, we launched the project “In Search of the Big Blue”, which aims to monitor the occurrence of whales and dolphins in the northern Bohol Sea. Surveys are run from May to June along the southern coast of Bohol Island in the Central Visayas region.

Cetacean stranding and monitoring project

This is a new project based in our office in Bohol. We need volunteers to collate cetacean stranding data in the Philippines, assist in the conduct of stranding response trainings and to respond to stranding reports. Volunteers become a member of a pool of trained responders to cetacean stranding events. If you can only commit to a few hours working from home (for collecting data), or several days (for a stranding response training), or you are willing to jump in anytime when a call for a stranding response is received, this is the perfect volunteer opportunity for you!

Bohol fishery project

Fishing for mobulid rays (devil rays) has been practiced in the Bohol Sea for over a century. Although fishers have long retired their hooks and harpoons, the fishery continues today as a gill net fishery. Despite the protection of manta rays in the country since 1998 and the recent clamor for protection of other mobulid species, the fishery continues in this region because of the reliance of several communities on this fishery for their livelihood. The Bohol Fishery Project was established with the aim of providing needed information on the extent of this fishery. The project aims to determine the number and species of mobulid rays caught in the Bohol Sea. We also aim to determine trends in catches and changes in the fishing grounds. This valuable information is needed in order to provide realistic recommendations on how to manage the fishery.We monitor daily catch landings from November until June with the help of volunteers. It is also our aim to increase the awareness and understanding of the fishing communities on the importance of conservation of fishery resources for the sustainability of their livelihoods. Hence, part of our efforts is to conduct educational outreach to the local youth and the coastal communities.We organize talks, fun activities for kids, and documentary film screenings periodically. See more...

2010 humpback whale survey volunteers.

Cetacean survey volunteers.

Volunteer sharing a song with kids.

Volunteers collating data after a day’s survey.

2015 Bohol fishery project volunteers.

2016 Bohol fishery project volunteers.

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